At Pasture Poultry our farm is run under strict organic principles which are accredited and audited annually by AsureQuality. Not only do our hens live organicly but all animals on the farm including the sheep, cattle, dogs and humans!

Certified organic means that rigourous criteria must be met and that the farm is run according to organic principles. No chemical fertilisers or sprays are allowed to be used on the farm ensuring no residues are passed through to the eggs. Perhaps the most important requirement is that the hens have to be truly free range and minimum space requirements are required.

By farming organically we ensure that the farm is run in a sustainable way. Organic farming increases biological soil activity, maintains long term soil fertility and promotes the healthy use of soil, water and air as well as minimise all forms of pollution thereto that may result from agricultural practices.

At Pasture Poultry we are proud to be certified organic for over 16 years.